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For one reason or another, now Walt can see extradimensional and supernatural stuffs. What he can see is rather vague on purpose. Is there something from your canon that he can see? Or does he see "something" when he see you? For example, maybe you actually stash your weapons and mech in another dimension. Or you transform to another form to battle, where does all that mass and matters came from? Maybe he can see weird colours emanating from your mech when it does its special attack. Or maybe something as simple as supernatural aura emanating from your body. If you think Walt should be able to see something from your canon, post your ideas here! Or PM/AIM me if it's supposed to be secret, I guess.
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After each missions or events, I'm going to post a summary here.

1.A mysterious giant opaque black dome suddenly appeared above the city of Shin Tanoura and its surrounding wildlife, and the world lost contact with the city. Nobody were able to see or detect anything inside the giant dome. Any investigative team that tried to enter the dome never came back. The government then set up a scientific base nearby and a task force to guard the dome.

2.While having some battles for unrelated reason near the dome, an energy spike was detected, and then things appeared from the dome.

What appeared were fleshy mirrors of what mechs fielded in that mission. Some of them walk on their legs, some crawl on four. They looked bungling and curious, sniffing around. They said weird and random things like broken radio. The scientific team tried to greet them. One of the monsters said "Hello" and closes to a nearby mech. Then it bite it.

Battle ensued. The monstrous mechas didn't have ranged attack, but they're supernaturally tough and strong. And they regenerate very fast. And for the whole battle, the monstrous humans kept spouting inane and random phrases.

ESUN then ordered a retreat. The team was told to help the government army retreat before they bombard the site. Walt crashlanded near the dome, and his mech exploded there, but he survived. He's rescued, the government bombard the area into oblivion and the incident is contained.

The monsters all got disintegrated, but the dome still exists. The government set up a task force to guard the dome.
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Player name: Fri
AIM contact: frifreeman
Alternate contacts: frifreeman2
Character name: Lt. Jg. Walt Schmertz
Source canon: The Stain
Community tag: Walt Schmertz
Do I want a HMD: Yes



Lieutenant Walt Schmertz is a career soldier in the federation army. Having unremarkable childhood, he joined the army as a pilot right after graduating school, not for revenge, bloodlust, or any flashy reason, he just joined because it sounded like a solid career choice back then. Time flies, and now he’s spent more than half his life as a soldier.

Not lucky enough to stumble into an alien super weapon, or talented enough to be granted super prototype mechs, he spent his life fighting as a grunt. The world isn’t a safe place, and he fought countless battles against all kind of enemies, mostly against unfavourable odds. He survived them all. He survived being outgunned, outnumbered, outmaneuvered, having unreasonable superiors, fighting unreasonable enemies, and seen his comrades die in all kind of horrible manners. It’s easy to see why he’s a little jaded and paranoiac.

Original canon background:

Closed to Mod account


Lieutenant Schmertz is a dour, depressed fellow who always see the dark side of everything. He says that’s because he’s a veteran soldier who’ seen the darkness of the world, but actually mostly that’s just his natural disposition. He can always find something to complain loudly and bombastically about, or darkly jokes about. His melodramatic over-the-topness and his dark humour is his coping mechanism, but sometimes it's too much and he just goes sad and depressed, overburdened by it all.

But that’s not saying that he’s undependable. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Despite all of his complains, he will endure hardships and follow orders. In fact, he will endure more hardships than most people, because hardships are what he expect anyway. He says that this is because he’s a professional soldier, others say that it’s because he’s a weird masochist, but it’s actually because he has a big sense of responsibility, and he hates himself for having it.

And despite his distrust and paranoia around other people, he doesn’t actually hate people. He might be uncomfortable being around people, but he doesn’t actually hate them. He will protect people’s back, even if he never expect to be protected back.

He considers himself a world-weary veteran who’ve seen everything, and always seem to have an anecdote from his own experience for every situation, some of them can be patently ridiculous. Nobody can be sure if half of those are real or not.

Lieutenant Schmertz is actually indeed a veteran pilot who’s seen much related to combat. He’s actually a relatively talented pilot, being able to survive for this long, and should’ve been promoted into higher rank, if not for his personality. But that suits him well, because the only thing he hates more than being responsible for his own fate is being responsible for other people’s fate.

His jaded and depressed disposition also somehow makes him more hardened against various horrors, whether it’s the horror of war, or supernatural horrors. Because he said, nothing is scarier than life itself.

Capabilities and Resources:

Type: Combatant

Unit Name: RGE-B790 Genoace

Unit Description:

Genoace is a mass produced general purpose mobile suit that’s used as the backbone, or some say, cannon fodder, of the Federation’s army. Based on the civilian construction mech CMS-328 Desperado, it’s highly versatile, cheap, and easy to mass produce. It’s relatively agile, but lightly armored and lightly armed, mostly intended for rank-and-file grunts unworthy of more advanced mobile suits.

It’s equipped with a beam spray gun, a low powered beam gun for ranged combat, a heat stake, which is basically a sharpened, heated, metal stick, for short range combat, and a big slab of metal some call a shield.

Size: M

Terrain compatibility:

Air: No
Ground: Yes
Water: No
Space: Yes
Favored terrain: Ground



Walt leads a team of 3-5 expendable genoaces at each missions.

Mission requirement: None

Suggested Event List:

Closed to Mod account, but I will post event/mission summaries for every event that has passed.

Sample post:


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